The Commissioner recommended that as city deals and other economic development programmes across Wales move forward, the local authorities involved, and Welsh Government must themselves demonstrate how they are applying the Wellbeing of Future Generations Act, in particular reflecting the statutory definition of A Prosperous Wales, as well as making the case to the UK Government for this more progressive framework to be adopted.

The Commissioner wrote to the chair of Cardiff Capital City Region in September 2017, attended the Regional Cabinet meeting in November and secured a commitment from them to work closely with my office to ensure the Act is applied.  As a result, the Joint Cabinet has now agreed a five-year business plan that reflects their duties and sets out that proposed schemes are required to demonstrate the use of the five ways of working and how they contribute to the seven national well-being goals.

We have also supplied the Future Generations Framework for projects to both Swansea Bay City Deal and Cardiff Capital City Region Deals to assist them in applying the Act to their consideration of projects. As part of Swansea Bay City Region, Carmarthenshire County Council has collaborated with their partner organisations to use the framework to help plan the Llanelli Wellness and Life Science Village.