A key part of the Future Generations Commissioner’s duty is “to act as a guardian for future generations” and “to encourage public bodies to take greater account of the long-term impact of the things they do”

This section sets out how we will support public bodies and wider organisations to build in future projections, insights and emerging trends to help make better decisions in the following areas:

Key emerging trends and projections for Wales that will affect well-being

  • analysing current status alongside emerging trends within Wales and globally
  • developing key areas for action where we can look at tackling the causes and consequences of the likely impacts on future generations
  • working closely with Welsh Government and other partners in developing and applying the future trends data

Regular insight into some of the emerging futures thinking and issues being raised globally

  • establishing a network of informed experts and organisations from across a range of interests
  • looking at what the future could look like in terms of how we work, live, learn, travel, communicate, purchase, and much more
  • understanding gaps and uncertainties in what we know about the future and how we can plan for these
  • imagine how living the seven well-being goals could be for Wales

Finally, and critically, use future insights to provide more detailed analyses around the key priority areas for action that the Office should consider – this will involve:

  • sharing good practice and experiences from within and outside Wales
  • bringing together partners who want to trial and test different and innovative approaches
  • providing recommendations on the opportunities that arise from these