The vital role of the arts in ensuring the well-being of future generations

10/3/17 Sophie Howe

As we celebrated our National Patron Saint’s Day last week, we were reminded of our country’s strong cultural identity and affinity with the arts

International Women’s Day

8/3/17 Sophie Howe

International Women’s Day and what it means for the well-being of future generations of Wales

Young Wales Project debates future trends with Future Generations Commissioner

13/1/17 Sophie Howe

As 2017 gets under way, it was great to start the new year by meeting with members of the Young Wales Project, a group set up to empower and give...

The Commissioner’s view on the EU referendum

30/6/16 Sophie Howe

If the UK Government were bound by the Well-being of Future Generations Act, would the EU Referendum have gone ahead?’ Wales’ Future Generations Commissioner reflects on what the Brexit result...

#SkillsSeptember: Thinking about the future means looking for opportunities

26/9/18 Sophie Howe

The pace of technological change is so fast it’s difficult to imagine what the world of work will look like for our children and future generations.

#InternationalWomen’sDay: My experience as an apprentice in the FGC office – Hollie Leslie

8/3/19 Hollie Leslie

My experience as an apprentice with the Office for Future Generations Commissioner

#TransportOctober How we are progressing – It is time to switch to Ultra Low Emission Vehicles (ULEVs)

25/10/18 Sang-Jin Park

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. It is a common phrase that we use in our office where the second-hand office furniture and ‘no plastic cup’ signs welcome visitors.

A bad week to be a Brit in Brussels: foresight and whether we could have predicted Brexit

6/12/18 Cathy Madge

Foresight and whether we could have predicted Brexit

A Ddylai Robotiad Siarad Cymraeg? (Should robots speak Welsh?)

16/8/18 Sophie Howe

Should robots speak Welsh?

Economic development cannot be delivered without social improvement

29/11/17 Sophie Howe

Embedding public value within the heart of the activities of Cardiff Business School, is a unique feature of the school.  

Adverse Childhood Experiences and trauma: making policy reality 

23/11/17 Sophie Howe

For our younger generation, housing is undoubtedly one of the most difficult challenges they face.  

Fair Trade is winning at public policy

14/7/18 Elen Jones

On a sunny day in June 2018, I was privileged to be invited to attend the Inaugural EU Cities Fair and Ethical Trade Award Ceremony, in Brussels along with representatives...