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Home is where well-being begins

23/5/17 Sophie Howe

The links between tackling our housing crisis and the nation's health are growing.

World Fair Trade Day

13/5/17 Sophie Howe

As a country not only have we led the way by becoming the first Fair Trade nation the Well-being of Future Generations Act make us the first nation to legislate and place the sustainable development principle at...

My journey one year on

19/4/17 Rebecca Brown

April 1st marked the first anniversary of the Well-being of Future Generations Act coming into place.

Calling all the Zero Heroes

13/4/17 Eurgain Powell

Ten years ago the Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) launched a pioneering report – Zero carbon Britain – showing that we have the technology and solutions to reduce our carbon...

Lights out today for a bright future tomorrow

24/3/17 Sophie Howe

However, one small action as simple as switching off your lights for one hour can help reduce the impacts of climate change on the planet, its wildlife and future generations.

The vital role of the arts in ensuring the well-being of future generations

10/3/17 Sophie Howe

As we celebrated our National Patron Saint’s Day last week, we were reminded of our country’s strong cultural identity and affinity with the arts

International Women’s Day

8/3/17 Sophie Howe

International Women’s Day and what it means for the well-being of future generations of Wales

Commissioner challenges plans for £1.1bn M4 relief road

22/2/17 Sophie Howe

Proposals to build a £1.1bn road to ease congestion on the M4 fail to set out how it will meet the needs of our future generations who will be burdened...

Future Generations Act a framework for transformation not tick-box

6/2/17 Sophie Howe

New legislation can result in a whirlwind of activity and bureaucracy. If you’re at the sharp end of making sure your organisation is kept safe, then current organisational cultures often...

Cardiff Local Development Plans

19/1/17 Sophie Howe

Following recent debate around the Cardiff Local Development Plans, Sophie Howe, Future Generations Commissioner has explained the advice that she

Young Wales Project debates future trends with Future Generations Commissioner

13/1/17 Sophie Howe

As 2017 gets under way, it was great to start the new year by meeting with members of the Young Wales Project, a group set up to empower and give...

City Deal can be a better deal for Future Generations

15/12/16 Sophie Howe

Failing to put low carbon as a central pillar of the Cardiff City Deal programme would be both environmentally and economically irresponsible,” says Sophie Howe, Future Generations Commissioner for Wales.