News & Press Releases

International Women’s Day

8/3/17 Sophie Howe

International Women’s Day and what it means for the well-being of future generations of Wales

Young Wales Project debates future trends with Future Generations Commissioner

13/1/17 Sophie Howe

As 2017 gets under way, it was great to start the new year by meeting with members of the Young Wales Project, a group set up to empower and give...

Shaping Accountability in Wales for Future Generations

22/11/16 Sophie Howe

A radical, ground-breaking culture change is essential if public bodies are going to provide better service provision, now and for future generations

The Shape of Things to Come

22/11/16 Michael Palmer

A radical, ground-breaking culture change is essential if public bodies are going to provide better service provision, now and for future generations. That’s the key message at a collaborative event...

Preventing ACEs is everybody’s business

2/11/16 Sophie Howe

Preventing adverse childhood experiences is everybody’s business and the Well-being of Future Generations Act provides real opportunity to change the way we do things, says Sophie Howe, Commissioner for Future...

What does well-being look like now and in the future?

20/10/16 Michael Palmer

A key part of the Well-being of Future Generations Act established Public Services Boards (PSBs) to make sure that local organisations work together to improve the well-being of their area...

Welsh Budget must set public bodies on right track

18/10/16 Sophie Howe

The Future Generations Commissioner, Sophie Howe has today responded to the Welsh draft budget:

Social Prescribing approach could lessen pressure on GPs

12/10/16 Sophie Howe

In response to a British Medical Association survey that revealed that a quarter of GPs in Wales are considering leaving the profession.

It’s time we looked at innovative ways of tackling the nation’s health problems

10/10/16 Sophie Howe

Like many parents, I supply my family with vitamins as we try to prevent the inevitable latest strain of winter cold or even flu. GP waiting rooms fill up and...

Taking Wales Forward Programme for Government provides new opportunities

20/9/16 Sophie Howe

As the First Minister highlights, this is an opportunity to take a new approach. I am encouraged the Welsh Government recognises the need for new ways of working to make...

Long term plans within Welsh Government essential to improve lives in Wales

18/7/16 Sophie Howe

Welsh Government must focus on planning for the long term, setting the standard for involving people in the decisions that affect them if they are serious about improving lives, says...

Urgent action needed to protect communities from climate change

12/7/16 Sophie Howe

Stronger, more focused action is needed to protect communities in Wales from the risks of Climate Change, says Sophie Howe, Future Generations Commissioner for Wales.