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Public Services Boards must rise to the challenge of decision-making for future generations

8/10/19 Sophie Howe

"Public Services Boards must rise to challenge of decision-making for future generations and the Welsh Government must raise their level of support and ambition for them to do so", said...

The Media Must up its Game on Climate Change

26/9/19 Nick Witts

Stories about climate events are becoming more common across our news channels. Floods, migration, crop failures, public health – the impact of climate change is wide and varied. Perhaps this...

Public bodies in Wales are failing to innovate towards a prosperous Wales

24/9/19 Sophie Howe

Almost a quarter of people are living in poverty in Wales, only 1% of apprenticeships in Wales are filled by disabled people and future working trends suggest that 65% of...

Wales is failing to fund a climate emergency

20/9/19 Sophie Howe

“We have recently declared a climate emergency in Wales but are failing to take the action at the scale or pace needed to meet our carbon emission targets. The impact...

Health spending must shift to preventative care to tackle health inequality in Wales

16/9/19 Sophie Howe

In response to the World Health Organisation ‘Healthy, prosperous lives for all’ published Thursday, 12th September, Sophie Howe, Future Generations Commissioner for Wales said:

Future Generations Commissioner – August Newsletter

3/9/19 Sophie Howe

We know we can’t tackle the challenges facing our future with the solutions we relied on in the past. Especially when those very ways of working often are what have...

#Skills – Geography: It’s Importance in Today’s World – Maddie Emery


As we continue our work exploring the skills we will need for the future, we asked Whitchurch High School student, Maddie Emery, about her favourite school topic and why it’s...

Culture and Welsh language is essential to help tackle Wales’ biggest challenges

9/8/19 Sophie Howe

“Public services, as the largest employer in Wales, have a huge contribution to make in developing and enhancing cultural well-being. Culture is the lifeblood of a vibrant society, expressed in...

A score for the well-being goals

1/8/19 Sophie Howe

On the week of the Homeless World Cup in Cardiff, we’re celebrating how sport can bring together people of all ages, from all backgrounds.

Future Generations Commissioner for Wales – July Newsletter

30/7/19 Sophie Howe

As the summer holidays begin and many of us look forward to spending time with our own future generations, we’re reminded of just what well-being really means; spending time with...

Public sector must stop funding climate change say Welsh organisations and Future Generations Commissioner for Wales

30/7/19 Sophie Howe

Friends of the Earth Cymru, Sophie Howe, Future Generations Commissioner for Wales and other environment, development and trade union groups are calling on all public sector bodies in Wales to stop investing...