A journey to



Enabling and embedding a culture of meaningful citizen and stakeholder involvement

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Working with people and stakeholders to understand their needs, aspirations and ideas

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Ensuring people’s needs, aspirations and ideas are taken into account and reflected in decision-making

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Bethan Smith, Goal Convenor for Involvement

Bethan Smith

Goal Convenor for Involvement

As a researcher and practitioner, Bethan is passionate about people, participation and data. Her role in the Commissioner’s team is to identify, share and test good and innovative practice around involvement.  In her spare time, she can usually be found with her head in a book or walking her dog Myfanwy.

For me, involvement is about making sure that services recognise the impacts that they have on the people of wales, but also recognising and harnessing the lived experiences and knowledge of the people of Wales to inform better services. The Journey to Involvement highlights the different aspects and approaches to making good involvement possible.
Bethan Smith | Goal Convenor for Involvement