Achieving the Wales we want will only happen if we work together

We need to understand more about our communities, the experiences of people and the way they live their lives if we are to safeguard the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

As Wales’ first Future Generations Commissioner, I want to listen to what you have to say and understand what you think are the most important issues facing Wales in the future.

I have met with all 44 public bodies in Wales, frontline staff, third and private sector, the wider public and staged public events across Wales to build relationships and a partnerships and a partnership approach that can help us deliver the Wales we want.

1, 300 people shared their views and advice on the long-term issues and challenges affecting the well-being of future generations via Sensemaker, workshop and face to face conversations sessions.

These discussions were both inspiring and challenging and have helped to shape and inform my work of the next seven years.  I am looking forward to publishing my policy priorities in the Autumn. Thank you to everyone who got involved.

The conversation is ongoing and there will be further opportunities to get involved as we develop our plans further.



"...having a dialogue with people, making sure that you don’t just come in and tell people what’s good for them, you listen to people and allow people’s voices to be heard..." Michael Sheen |