Art of the Possible - learning from the past and present for a better future

‘Art of the Possible’ is a programme to help public bodies make the Well-being of Future Generations Act a reality by highlighting the good work that is already improving well-being for people in communities across Wales.

Sophie Howe, Future Generations Commissioner for Wales has established a partnership of organisations from across all sectors in Wales that will work together to develop and give practical encouragement, support and tools to public bodies to challenge ‘business as usual’ and work towards a Wales we want.

At the heart of the Art of the Possible programme is the ambition to involve and equip people, community innovators and experts with the support and skills to create positive change within our communities.

The ‘Art of the Possible’ partners are:

Arts Council for Wales
BT Wales
Fairtrade Wales
Hub Cymru Africa
Interlink RCT
NHS Centre for Equality and Human Rights
Sport Wales
United Welsh
Wales Cooperative Centre
Welsh Government
Wildlife Trusts Wales

We want to share inspirational stories about:

  • what people are doing to implement the Act
  • how it impacts on people’s lives now and in the future
  • interesting ideas from around the world

Simple Changes

The first step in setting out on the journey towards the Art of the Possible is showing some simple changes that all public bodies should make, which will be a start in helping them to maximise their contribution to the seven well-being goals (this is one of the duties set out in the legislation)

The simple changes have been developed to be things that public bodies can do immediately (if they are not already doing them) and:

  • Are quick, easy and painless;
  • Present the Well-being of Future Generations Act in a positive way;
  • Do what they say on the tin, and have a low risk of failure;
  • Mobilise and involve people;
  • Build trust and opportunities for involvement;
  • Align the agendas of different organisations or departments.

These simple changes are just the start of the journey for public bodies, and will be reinforced with more challenging actions that will achieve the cultural change that is needed across public services, as the Art of the Possible programme evolves.

"What has (not cutting the grass) got to do with future generations?"...Peter Frost, Senior Urban Officer Natural Resources Wales explains | Peter Frost, Senior Urban Officer, Natural Resources Wales