A Resilient Wales

“A nation which maintains and enhances a biodiverse natural environment with healthy functioning ecosystems that support social, economic and ecological resilience and the capacity to adapt to change.”

A journey to

A Resilient Wales

Biodiversity and Soil

Maintain and enhance the natural environment through managing land appropriately to create healthy functioning ecosystems

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Natural Green Space

Support social resilience and community well-being

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Knowledge of Nature

Increase awareness of themimportance of a biodiverse natural environment with healthy functioning ecosystems

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Water and Air Quality

Support ecological resilience, making the environment healthier for wildlife and people

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Using Natural Resources

Be adaptive to a changing environment where there is a need to use resources efficiently

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Art of the Possible Resources

Alison Colebrook, Goal Convenor for A Resilient Wales

Alison Colebrook

Goal Convenor for A Resilient Wales

Alison works as the Resilient Wales Goal Convener, she works for Wildlife Trusts Wales on the Art of the Possible programme. Over the past eight months Alison has been working to identify Simple Changes that Public Bodies can make towards their requirements under the Well-being of Future Generations Act. She has been engaging with stakeholders and innovators to identify support, tools, stories and expertise that can assist Public Bodies in their journey to a more Resilient Wales. Outside of work, Alison is a keen swimmer and a member of a triathlon club, she enjoys nurturing fruit, vegetables and hens in her garden, and simply being outdoors; whether that be walking or cycling, camping or showing her little boy the wonders of nature!

Art of the Possible has been an ambitious project and a fantastic opportunity for Wildlife Trusts Wales to work collaboratively with the Future Generations Commissioner and the other partners, to help Public Bodies to understand the Resilient Wales Goal, be clear on the steps they can take towards improving biodiversity and realise the scale and urgency of the issues facing our natural environment. I hope the work that we have done putting together the Resilient Wales Journey will enable organisations in all sectors to work together more effectively towards the transformative change needed for future generations to be able to appreciate and enjoy our natural world.
Alison Colebrook | Goal Convenor for A Resilient Wales